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NCAA Tournament Bracket: Is This Pitt's Best Final Four Chance?

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So the bracket is out - how did Pitt fare?

Well, we already know that Pitt got a No. 1 seed. But not only that, it looks as they have a pretty favorable path to the Final four.

I'll be breaking this down more tomorrow morning, but Pitt may be in the best possible bracket.

The East is brutal...and I do mean brutal. Other than No. 1 Ohio State, there's North Carolina, Syracuse, and Kentucky - I don't want any part of that.

The West isn't much better. Looking past No. 1 Duke, you've got Texas, UConn, San Diego State, Arizona, and Tennessee, who as we know, beat Pitt.

Now, obviously, Pitt wouldn't have to play all of those teams. But the easiest way you win a championship is by getting upset help along the way. But in these two regions, if the top teams get knocked out, you've got others waiting to take their place.

The Midwest looks to be a bit easier - Kansas is the No. 1 seed out there and teams in that bracket include Louisville, Purdue, Notre Dame, and Georgetown.

Now that Midwest bracket could be a slightly easier path than Pitt's Southeast one, but Pitt gets opening round games in Washington D.C., which is a pretty short trip. And because they get to stay in the East after that, the Panthers the Southewast bracket is probably the best case scenario for Pitt.

No Final Four trip can ever be guaranteed, but I think this just may be Pitt's best chance to get there.