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Sterling Gibbs Heads To Texas

As usual, when it comes to NY/NJ recruiting, ZagsBlog has been all over this one.

It didn't take Sterling Gibbs long to decide that he's heading to Texas. The Gibbs to Pitt stuff was always a long shot and after a brief thought about UConn, his decision has been made.

After being released from his scholarship at Maryland with the retirement of Gary Williams, Gibbs said all the right things about a possible return to the Terps. But how often does that really work out? You're going to go through the awkward situation of asking for a release from a college scholarship, deal with the headaches and backlash from unsympathetic students/fans/alumni, only to return? I'd love to see some numbers on how many players decommit and then return to the same school.

Gibbs, of course, should have that right after it was known he wasn't entering the same situation he had signed up for.

So now, he heads down south to join Rick Barnes and the Big 12. Good thing - booing a member of the Gibbs family in a Big East game at the Pete just wouldn't have seemed appropriate.