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Pitt Basketball: Will Dante Taylor's Fast Greentree Summer League Start Translate To Big Season?

Sure, it's only been two games, but Dante Taylor's performances in the Greentree Summer League have opened some eyes. Could that be the beginning of a breakout season this year?

We all know Taylor's production should increase with more playing time as the possible starting center this season, but just how much better will he be?

Taylor, in case you hadn't noticed, is off to a good start in the Greentree Summer League. He's had two double-doubles and is averaging 16.5 points and 13 rebounds per game, including a 21/10 effort in his second game.

Now, before you get two excited about those numbers, keep a few things in mind. For starters, it's the Greentree Summer League - a collection of pickup games. The numbers are, as a result of that, inflated. For example, Travon Woodall averaged 16 points per game. And for another thing, we've seen this act before. Last year, Taylor averaged about 17 points 11 rebounds per game.

Now, that's not to suggest Taylor will have another mediocre season. He certainly improved last season and as an upperclassman, I expect to see more improvement this year. That may not mean he'll have the breakout year fans are hoping for, but he should be better.