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Jim Tressel Resigns: Dave Wannstedt As A Candidate?

I've got to admit, I probably shouldn't be titling this post the way it is. Dave Wannstedt has as much a chance to be named the next Ohio State coach as I do. Still, there's a website out there that thinks he could be a good fit for the program. (Northwest Indiana) mentions Wannstedt as a potential candidate:

  • Dave Wannstedt, Buffalo Bills assistant -- The former Pittsburgh Panthers and NFL coach could be tabbed to rebuild a reputation. He was steady but not great at Pitt, but then again it wasn't the easiest recruiting Western Pennsylvania and Ohio against Tressel.
  • Conveniently left out is the fact that Ohio State just got rid of a coach in Jim Tressel that had compliance problems. Now, while Wannstedt didn't have any of those issues at Pitt, you've got to think that the Buckeyes aren't all that interested in bringing in a coach that ruled over a program that had multiple off-field incidents last season.

    Now, I've written repeatedly that Wannstedt couldn't control some of those issues. Still, after the famous Sports Illustrated report, Pitt still has somewhat of a 'reputation' to be sure.

    Plus, I've got to think that Ohio State can basically have their pick of coaches. No offense to Wannstedt, who I think deserved another season at Pitt. But Wannstedt or Urban Meyer? Sorry, not much of a comparison.