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2011 NBA Draft: Chances Of Being Selected For Wanamaker, Brown, McGhee

With the NBA Draft coming up, the weekly Pitt feature over at SB Nation Pittsburgh takes a look at if the Panthers' trio of seniors, Brad Wanamaker, Gilbert Brown, and Gary McGhee, might be selected.

Here's a snippet:

With the 2011 NBA Draft fast approaching, Pitt could have as many as three players selected this year. The likelihood, however, that Brad Wanamaker, Gilbert Brown, and Gary McGhee will all be taken is slim. Each has a specific skill set that he brings to the table, but none are clear-cut NBA players, and all three will need to put in significant hours in the gym if they hope to stick in the league.

Of the three, Gilbert Brown is the most intriguing, and the one that 'looks' the most like an NBA player. For starters, he has the body to play at small forward. Brown's shooting percentage dipped a bit in 2010-11, but he became much more of a three-point threat this season, attempting more three-pointers than the previous two years combined (and hitting a higher percentage). Brown is also a pretty good defender and greatly improved his free-throw shooting this past season - he simply has a better all-around game.

Head over to read the full article.