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Myles Davis Holds Off Commitment Until August

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I posted a link the other day saying that 2012 SG Myles Davis, cousin of Pitt assistant coach Brandin Knight, would announce his decision should his AAU team, the Playaz, reach the finals of Peach Jam, a high profile AAU tournament. Unfortunately, according to Adam Zagoria, Davis's team lost tonight. Zagoria then tweeted this:

Myles Davis said he plans to announce in August now...Pitt, West Va., Xavier, and Georgetown

With Pitt losing Ashton Gibbs and Nasir Robinson to graduation, it leaves us with one scholarship as of right now as Australian Steven Adams already has the other available one. This of course could change if any other players declare for the draft or transfer. Should Davis decide to commit to Pitt, he may be able to play right away. Here's what the depth chart would look like for 2012-2013, in my opinion:

PG: Woodall, Epps

SG: Wright?, John Johnson?

Question marks? Yes, because honestly I have no idea who would be the starter or backup after this season. Could Patterson or Moore play SG? Sure, but Patterson seemed to be more of a SF last season because of his height. And Moore was, well, lacking in some areas, both defensively and offensively.

Back to Davis, though. Based on this, he could come in and get some minutes at least. Dixon would probably do what he did with J.J. this year - play him enough in the non-conference and gradually decrease his minutes once conference play begins. We're pretty solid in the front court for the foreseeable future, so Pitt should sign a guard, preferably a high profile recruit like Davis who has connections with the Pitt staff.

UPDATE: Here's a highlight reel of him. Guy's got a great shot.