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ESPN's Andy Katz Tabs Ashton Gibbs As One Of Top Seniors

Andy Katz has his list of top college basketball seniors for 2011-12 and Ashton Gibbs shows up on the list (must be an Insider to view, although Gibbs' preview shows up in the free section):

Though Pitt struggled to score from behind the arc at other positions on the floor last year, Gibbs has always provided the Panthers with a floor-stretching element. The gunner has improved his off-the-bounce game over the past three years. Maybe most impressive is how Gibbs managed to run the team and still find his points within the offense when Travon Woodall was not on the floor. Gibbs is a 2 who loves the corner 3-pointer coming off a down screen or the free throw line extended 3 from NBA range. Last year Gibbs showed an improved step-back jumper going left. If he has added to his game this year and others can take some of the pressure off him to score, Gibbs should once again be in the running for Big East Player of the Year.

The whole 'Travon Woodall at point guard' thing will be the key for me. I've made this point before, but I'd prefer Gibbs to be free of the responsibility of running the offense. If I'm Jamie Dixon, all I want Gibbs thinking about is getting open and scoring.

Woodall improved last season and I expect him to do so again this year. I don't see any reason why he can't man the point for the team.

Regardless, glad to see Gibbs coming back next season.