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Pitt Football: Ray Graham's Heisman Chances

Sure, it's two games, but Ray Graham's picking up where he left off the last time he was the starting back at Pitt. I posted a feature over at SB Nation Pittsburgh taking a look at what he's done so far and if a big season can translate into the Heisman.

In a nutshell, it's going to be tough since Pitt isn't expected to be a contender.

Below is a portion of it - here's the full article.

With Dion Lewis and Jon Baldwin gone to the NFL, it was a pretty safe bet that Ray Graham would have plenty of opportunities to make an impact in Pitt's new offense under Todd Graham. What wasn't known was just how good he would be.

Two games into the season, we're starting to find out.

Through the first two weeks, Graham leads all of FBS (Division I-A) in rushing with 322 yards. He's averaging 5.6 yards per rush and his six touchdowns are tied for first in the FBS as well. Unlike Pitt fans, though, what most of the country probably doesn't realize is that Graham was pretty good in 2010.

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