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Week 4 SB Nation Big East Power Rankings

Time again for another installment of the SB Nation Power Rankings. That's right - Pitt's still in for now, so we're still taking part.

But before I get to that, the rankings of ESPN blogger Andrea Adelson were too good to not mention. In it, she ranks Louisville third, Syracuse fourth, and Pitt fifth. Syracuse getting blown out to USC? Well, okay - fine ... whatever. But by ranking Louisville third, she's saying that their seven-point loss to Florida International at home is less damaging than Pitt's four-point loss on the road to Iowa.

If that doesn't make sense to you, that's because you're, well, sane.

But getting back to the SB Nation rankings. So after a deflating loss to Iowa, how did Pitt fare?

Mostly due to the fact that the conference doesn't have a lot of quality teams, Pitt still finished fourth. That's also where I slotted them as indicated by my ballot below:

1. WVU

2. South Florida

3. Cincinnati

4. Pitt

5. Syracuse

6. Rutgers

7. Louisville

8. UConn

As always, head over to The UConn Blog for full results.