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Pitt Vs. South Florida: SB Nation Pittsburgh Stream

It's South Florida week and the game will be here in only two short days. We've already got the game stream up at SB Nation Pittsburgh and we'll have news there over the next couple of days. Definitely head over and check it out as the stream will be updated with news leading up to Thursday night.

Below is a bit of the game preview - head over to SB Nation Pittsburgh to read the entire post:

Pitt hasn't looked all that impressive so far this season. Sure, they've been in every game, but the team wasn't able to close the deal against Iowa or Notre Dame. Even more disturbing is the way that they've closed out both of those contests. Pitt had a 17-point fourth quarter lead at Iowa and a 12-7 lead at home against Notre Dame in the final stanza as well. But the offenses went flat and the defenses allowed some late scores.

Pitt has definitely frustrated its fans so far, but that can all change with a big win against No. 14 / No. 16 South Florida on Thursday night. It's not going to be easy, though. The Bulls come into the game with the tenth-ranked offense, averaging more than 45 points per game. South Florida has plenty of skill players including running back Darrell Scott and wide receiver Sterling Griffin. But the guy to watch is clearly quarterback B.J. Daniels.

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