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Dakota Conwell Decommits From Pitt; Headed To Arizona

Back when Dakota Conwell first committed to Pitt, it appeared from the start that he might not end up here. I made that assertion then and it looks like it's coming to pass since Conwell is headed to Arizona.

The first thing to point out, though, is that it was Penn State, not AU, that appeared to potentially be coming for him. But in between the Todd Graham fiasco and RichRod finding another employer, things have been shaken up quite a bit. Still, there were several interesting quotes linked in that initial article that made you wonder if he would end up here or not.

Either way, I've got no issue with Conwell for leaving at all. Kids are entitled to change their minds and this isn't the program he signed up for. And decommitting before signing certainly beats signing with a team, then leaving halfway through and bailing on your teammates *cough*.

It's just a reminder that nothing is ever set in stone.

What's interesting is who recruited Conwell there.

Tony Gibson, who was a member of Graham's staff at Pitt, ended up bolting for Arizona to join Rodriguez' staff. Gibson recruited him for Pitt and then reached out to him for the Wildcats, according to the Post-Gazette a couple of weeks ago.

Where's the line in terms of recruiting decency? Eh, I don't know. Personally, I think what Gibson did is lame, but it happens all over college football and I'm sure Pitt's done the same over the years. I'd have a far bigger problem with this if Gibson had followed Graham to Arizona State and then recruited him there, but maybe that's just me.

Pitt is down a recruit with the Conwell loss, but this class is mostly still together - which is amazing to me considering the differing style of football Paul Chryst will have compared to Graham.