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New recruit Reggie Green speaks about his commitment to Pitt

On Tuesday, New Jersey athlete Reggie Green committed to Pitt via Twitter. Afterwards, he spoke about his commitment to the Star-Ledger. Green plays a variety of positions, but gave an indication where he thinks he might end up:

“They project me as an athlete on the offensive side of the ball,” Green said.

He also talked a little about liking the area and the coaches:

“The area is beautiful,” Green said. “The school, the campus, the city. The coaching staff was really great. The players I talked to were really nice, good people. It just felt like I place I felt at home at.”


“He’s a good guy,” Green said of Chryst. “He’s a good coach. Someone that’s good to be around and learn from.”

Will be interesting to see where he ends up. He's able to play safety as well as a few offensive positions. Sounds like offense for now, but that could change if there's a need on defense.

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