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More on Reggie Green's commitment to Pitt

With Reggie Green committing to Pitt on Tuesday, the Post-Gazette had more on it yesterday. Green says head coach Paul Chryst sounded happy to get him:

"[Head coach Paul Chryst] was really excited," Green said. "I think they had a feeling I was [going to commit], but they were really excited."

As Greg mentioned in his initial write-up shortly after the commitment, Green is going to play wide receiver. He joins Zach Challingsworth as the second receiver for 2013 and the move from quarterback doesn't bother him one bit:

"It’s fine with me," he said. "I know it’s going to be a change, but it’s fine with me because I like playing offense."

Pitt just isn't in the market for another quarterback right now, with the pickup of Tra'Von Chapman, in my mind. Chapman will be a true freshman and Voytik, a redshirt freshman next year with Trey Anderson a junior and the senior transfer Tom Savage.

Lastly, it helped that he was in for the Virginia Tech game, which Pitt won. He spoke about that experience:

"It was a really good atmosphere," he said. "It felt like the whole school was out there supporting the team."

Seriously, how glad are you that he didn't come to the Youngstown State game?

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