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Week 9 SB Nation Big East Power Rankings

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

After a busy week, here was my ballot for the SB Nation Big East weekly power rankings:

1. Louisville

2. Rutgers

3. Cincinnati

4. Syracuse

5. Pitt

6. Temple

7. South Florida

8. UConn

My ballot was virtually unchanged from last week. The only change was that Louisville now claimed the top spot after defeating Cincinnati and Rutgers lost. Cincinnati still only has two losses and didn't drop despite the defeat.

Regarding Pitt, despite their big win over Temple, I couldn't move them ahead of Syracuse, who beat them earlier this season.

The other noteworthy mention is that despite South Florida losing again and falling to 2-6, I kept them over 3-5 UConn. The Bulls have played some teams a bit closer than UConn this year and for that, they get my nod to stay out of the basement.

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