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Statement from the Athletic Department

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

"The University of Pittsburgh Athletic Department was recently made aware of a police report relating to an incident allegedly involving three of our football student-athletes on October 21. Those individuals have denied any involvement with the situation and have offered to speak with authorities, although to date they have not been questioned or received any court documents. We take matters of player discipline very seriously and will continue to cooperate with any investigation. However, we will not, and hope others will not, rush to judgment on these misdemeanor allegations. All three players will remain active members of our program while we gain more clarity on this situation."

It looks like Pitt will be with three of their most important players this weekend at Notre Dame. The legal system is not always a quick moving system, and the court date is not until after the season. It would be hard to suspend three players without them even talking to the police. This is obviously a story we will monitor further, but for the meantime it is excellent news that they will be available for this weekend.