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Pitt vs. Fordham: Panthers win in rout, 86-51

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As expected, Pitt had little trouble on Monday with Fordham, winning 86-51. Despite the Rams not being a great team, it was still an impressive showing by the Panthers.

Nearly everyone that played had a nice game, but J.J. Moore led the way with 20 points off the bench. I remarked about it on Twitter, but it might not be all that long before questions about him starting over Patterson surface. It's only been two games, but Moore is dominating Patterson in the box score right now in generally every area except assists. Patterson has looked more content to sit back and help out in other ways besides scoring and it's hard to argue with the results. As we saw in the CBI and near the end of the season last year, he's fully capable of doing more.

With Moore on the bench along with Trey Zeigler, Dante Taylor, Cam Wright, and possibly an emerging Durand Johnson, Pitt should have one of the best benches in the Big East. They combined for 42 tonight and if they keep it up, it could even be one of the benches in the country.

Was also glad to see Steven Adams take a step forward, too. Adams was more aggressive offensively and set up in the paint far more than what I'd seen him do in the two preseason games and the opener on Friday against Mount St. Mary's. His true value is that he's a big man who can creates mismatches offensively with his quickness and ability to play away from the basket, but he can also make Pitt a far better team when he settles in a little in the halfcourt offense and can play with his back to the basket. Adams had 13 points and five rebounds and, most importantly, perhaps, was a perfect 5-5 from the field.

Freshman James Robinson again, very quietly, had a solid game. He had six points and three assists and, again, refused to turn the ball over putting up a goose egg in the box tonight. Robinson is really a mature player for his age and if he can run the offense to create more opportunities for Tray Woodall and the other scorers on offense, he'll have done his job.

And one thing to throw out there was Dante Taylor leading the team in rebounds with nine off the bench. This team has so many players capable of filling roles and if everyone does their part, Pitt will be a very good team.

Pitt gets the winner of Lehigh and Robert Morris tomorrow night and, thank God, the game will be on ESPNU so I can give my tablet a rest.

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