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Basketball team comments on John Johnson transfer

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Drew Hallowell

It's the day later and a few members of the Pitt program are commenting on the John Johnson transfer.

Panthers' head coach Jamie Dixon was one of the first to talk. He says the team will do what it can to help Johnson find a suitable home:

"We wish him the best," Dixon said in a statement. "We’re really just trying to help him find the best place for him."

And starting guard Tray Woodall perhaps says it best - Pitt isn't for everyone:

"I always knew that Pitt’s not really for everybody," Pitt star Tray Woodall told reporters Monday after the Fordham game. "Some guys like it here, but just don’t feel comfortable here as the year goes on. But honestly, Pitt’s just not for everybody."

Totally agree with that. I don't know, though, that Johnson had issues other than playing time and that's what this seems to revolve around. However, Woodall's point is a good one - we may never know if Johnson wasn't a fan of the area or the university, but the possibility of a player not being thrilled with the campus life here or the area is always going to be there.

It's still too early to figure out where he could be headed and Johnson, who's usually active on Twitter, has been completely silent so far on the issue. But given the glut of solid basketball programs in the Philly area where he is from, heading east would appear to be a viable option. Before coming to Pitt, he also had offers from schools such as Notre Dame, St. John's, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and Penn State.

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