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Pitt shooting well in early part of season

Justin K. Aller

You wouldn't know it from Pitt's last game against Oakland, but the Panthers are actually shooting pretty well in the early portion of the season. So well, in fact, that they rank in the top 20 in that category so far.

As of Monday night, Pitt currently stood at No. 18 in shooting percentage, hitting more than 52% of their shots. That number would be even higher if it weren't for a poor performance through much of Saturday's near-loss to Oakland.

Pitt's just been incredibly efficient thus far and you can look to the individual numbers to see how the Panthers are doing it. Dante Taylor and Talib Zanna are both making more than 70% of their shots. Steven Adams checks in at 67% and reserves J.J. Moore, Trey Zeigler, and Durand Johnson are all at 50% or better. The rookie James Robinson is just under 50% and Tray Woodall, who is only at 41% after a dismal showing in the Oakland game, was at over 50% entering that game. The lone guy on the roster failing to deliver is Lamar Patterson, who's at under 20%, but when everyone else is so hot, it hardly matters.

I don't expect all of those guys to continue shooting so well and you can argue that the numbers are a bit inflated due to the level of competition. But so far, Pitt is getting it done.

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