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Pitt vs. Rutgers: Cardiac Hill Staff Picks

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Pitt takes on Rutgers on Saturday and while we haven't spent a ton of time on the game with Thanksgiving this week, it's still a big one. The Panthers need the win to have any hopes of reaching a bowl game. So what did our writers think?

As you can expect, it was a bit of a mixed bag. Actually, it was a perfect 50/50 split. Now, I can't speak for everyone else that went with the Panthers, but I picked Pitt for a few reasons. For one, the last time a good team came into Heinz Field (Louisville), they actually played well and had a halftime lead. Pitt is also going to be motivated with not only Senior Day, but also with the hopes of playing in a bowl game. Conversely, Rutgers really doesn't need this game. A loss doesn't put them in any worse position assuming Louisville takes care of business against UConn. The BCS spot will come down to the big Rutgers-Louisville showdown next weekend.

Lastly, as Pitt showed, against Louisville and Notre Dame, they're capable of playing well against good teams. Pitt will, if nothing else, probably keep the game close. And if it's close, they'll have a shot.

Bryan H. - .600 (6-4) / Rutgers

Greg - .600 (6-4) / Rutgers

Anson - .500 (5-5) / Pitt

Anthony - .500 (5-5) / Rutgers

Bryan M. - .500 (5-5) / Pitt

Pat - .444 (4-5) / Pitt

Mike - .400 (4-6) / Pitt

Jim - .375 (3-5) / Rutgers

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