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Pitt vs. Delaware: Panthers take on Blue Hens in NIT Season Tip-Off consolation game

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Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

It's safe to say Pitt didn't have their eyes set on a third-place game against Delaware when they signed up for the NIT Season Tip-Off. But instead of getting into the finals to play Kansas State, that's exactly where they ended up.

The Panthers better not be sleeping, though. And if there's one thing they should have learned from the Oakland game, it's that they shouldn't take anyone lightly. On top of that, Delaware also gave Kansas State all they could handle before falling by three. If Pitt allows Delaware to hang around, anything can happen late.

Before the Michigan game, the trendy conversation was that we'd learn a lot about Pitt depending on how they played. But that really holds true just as much for this game. If Pitt bounces back and wins by 15 or so, it will show they've not had much of a letdown. If they come out flat and barely escape with a win (or even suffer a loss), we'll all be talking about how Jamie Dixon needs to find better ways to motivate the team.

Whether you think so or not, this is really a pretty big game for Pitt.

Leave your pre-game thoughts in the comments section below, then (if you're off of work today), check back and comment live during the game.

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