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Pitt vs. Delaware: Panthers steamroll Blue Hens, 85-59

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Mike Stobe

After a close loss to Michigan, I was curious to see how Pitt would respond in an afternoon consolation game against Delaware. Safe to say, pretty well.

If the game against the Wolverines was the Panthers' first test of the season, this was surely the second. A rebound game after the team's first loss, there are far worse ways Pitt could have responded. Instead of sulking about a day game at Madison Square Garden, Pitt was relentless and won fairly easily, 85-59.

Pitt played well in every phase of the game. The team shot extremely well (hitting nearly 60% of their attempts), found easy buckets (as evidenced by their 25 assists), and took care of the ball (with only six turnovers). When you do that many things right, you're virtually assured of a victory.

We've talked a lot about Steven Adams and Tray Woodall (and, don't get me wrong, both bounced back from their bad games against Michigan - Adams had 13 points and three blocks while Woodall added 13 points and seven assists to only two turnovers), but one guy who isn't getting enough credit is Talib Zanna. Zanna led the team in points (18) and rebounds (10) and for the third time in only six games, has had at least 18 points. His 13.5 points a game lead the team and he ranks second in rebounds with five per contest. He's also wildly efficient, making 69% of his shots. Zanna has improved each year he's been at Pitt and is really having a very good season.

The other individual performance worthy of recognition in the Jedi Archives (or at least on this site, anyway) was Lamar Patterson's. Patterson appears to be picking up the pace a bit and has had two great games in a row now. In 26 minutes of action, he had 16 points and tied Zanna for the team lead in rebounds with 10. Pitt is just a different team when he's playing well and they'll be hard to beat moving forward if he has more of these types of games.

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