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Pitt vs. Rutgers: Open Gamethread

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Jared Wickerham

Pitt is literally in a do-or-die mode needing a win against Rutgers to keep their bowl game hopes alive.

We've been through this earlier in the week, but Pitt is going to have its hand full trying to win this game. Yeah, it's at home, but Rutgers is a solid team at 9-1. In particular, the Panthers' offense is going to get a stiff test. The Scarlet Knights have shut down nearly everyone on their schedule. A good game by Tino Sunseri or the running backs will go a long way to Pitt being able to pull off the upset.

If you're not headed to Heinz Field today, the game is on ESPN2.

Leave your pre-game thoughts in the comments section below and then check back at noon to comment live during the game. Also be sure to check out game week hub to read all of our articles leading up to the game.

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