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DB Stephen Williams dismissed from team; two others to transfer

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Paul Chryst dismissed redshirt freshman Stephen Williams from the team after he was charged with assault over the weekend. Two other redshirt freshman also decided to transfer.

Jared Wickerham

Redshirt freshman Stephen Williams, a defensive back from Georgia, was dismissed from the team on Monday by head coach Paul Chryst after being charged with assault. Williams, a two-star recruit signed by Todd Graham in 2011, never appeared in a game for the Panthers. According to the Tribune Review, the incident occurred in Oakland over the weekend.

Williams, 19, was arrested because a woman, Samantha Boggess, who identified herself as his girlfriend, said he assaulted her in his apartment on South Bouquet Street in Oakland on Saturday at 1:50 p.m.

Boggess had red marks on the right side of her chest, was holding strands of hair in her hand and had blood on her right ear lobe from having her earrings ripped out during an altercation, according to a criminal complaint.

I cringe anytime I hear about a Pitt player running into legal trouble and this is no exception. From all I've read, it sounds like a horrific incident, especially since a young woman was involved. Given the roguish label that Sports Illustrated slapped on the program a few years back, I'm glad that Chryst has taken a zero-tolerance stance and kicked Williams off the team immediately. Obviously, if true, actions like this should be punished fully.


On Monday it was also announced that linebacker Jason Frimpong and defensive back Roderick Ryles, both redshirt freshman from the same 2011 Todd Graham recruiting class, will transfer. Ryles was a three-star recruit who chose Pitt over a host of offers including Arkansas, Michigan, and West Virginia. Frimpong, a two-star recruit, picked the Panthers over Tulsa and Wisconsin. Neither saw any playing time during their brief stints in Pittsburgh, but I personally liked Ryles' potential a lot.

Best of luck to both Ryles and Frimpong, wherever they end up.

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Mr. Williams, 19, is accused of assaulting the woman, who flagged down police in the 300 block of Oakland Avenue about 2 p.m. Saturday and told police she was Mr. Williams' girlfriend.

Mr. Williams is charged with one misdemeanor count of simple assault and awaits a Nov. 29 preliminary hearing.

According to criminal complaint University of Pittsburgh police filed, the woman had marks on the right side of her chest and was holding strands of her hair.

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