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Pitt's James Robinson fitting right in as a true freshman

Mike Stobe

I've been wanting to get to a James Robinson feature for a week or so, but finally found the time over at SB Nation Pittsburgh.

I really hate heaping so much praise on him and if you merely look at his stats, nothing (other than his insanely low turnover count) stands out all that much. But if you've watched him play this season, you know that he's mature beyond his years.

Robinson may never be a great scorer, but he could be a great player. He delivers the ball in good spots, takes care of the ball, and isn't a bad shooter to boot. The best thing (and it's too early to tell - I get that) is that it's plausible he sticks around for all four years. Jamie Dixon has missed on some recruits - most recently, perhaps Isaiah Epps - the guy that was expected to be the team's point guard by this point. But he was spot on with Robinson and that should pay off over the next several seasons.

Head over to SB Nation Pittsburgh to check out the article.