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At First Glance: Pitt vs. South Florida

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Justin K. Aller

Pitt wraps up their season against South Florida this weekend. The end of the football season is always a bit bittersweet for me. Unless you've blogged or even been a regular beat writer, you can't really understand the grind of trying to keep yourself (let alone others) occupied during an entire season. To do it when covering a mediocre team and after basketball season's started is madness.

I love college football, but also love spare time. Freeing up my schedule a bit is something I've got a hard time complaining about. Moving on, though.

This game actually means something with the Rutgers win, folks. It may not sound like that much, but a minor bowl game would be a big deal for the Panthers and that's what's at stake here.

The Panthers and South Florida have been arguably two of the worst teams in the conference. And I mentioned it in another post recently, but these are without a doubt the two biggest underachievers in Big East football over the past decade or so. The two have had lofty expectations attached to them only to fall short time and again. So it's only fitting that in the final game of Pitt's last Big East season, they battle it out with their counterpart.

I expected much more out of the Bulls this season and even thought they could contend for the Big East title (and, seriously - if you've ever needed any more reason to completely ignore our weekly picks, that's it, friends). But alas, at 3-7, they've had a miserable season. South Florida's had their fair share of close games, though. They lost by four to Ball State, two to Louisville, and one to Syracuse. I said the same thing about UConn, but I'm not fully convinced they're as bad as their record.

That said, the Bulls look to be down to their third string quarterback, freshman Matt Floyd. Starter B.J. Daniels was lost for the season a few games ago and backup Bobby Eveld went out early in the team's game against Miami. There's little reason to think that Floyd should own the Panthers and lead the Bulls to victory. South Florida simply has too few weapons and if Pitt merely shows up and puts forth a good effort (and we all know that isn't always the case based on the UConn debacle), they should win the game.

At first glance, I expect a Pitt victory on Saturday.

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