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Former Pitt commit Corey Clement chooses Wisconsin over Panthers, Notre Dame


Contrary to common belief, Pitt's bad weekend actually started on Friday instead of Saturday when former Pitt commit switched gears and decided he was heading to Wisconsin.

In case you need a timeline of the Panthers' dealings with Clement, it goes as follows. Clement committed to the Panthers back in June. Things looked even better when he reportedly said he was enrolling early. His rankings went up and then came the whispers about him potentially decommitting. Clement, meanwhile, had a monster night shortly after that rushing for nearly 500 yards and Pitt fans hoped for the best. No such luck - he reportedly decommitted last month and then made it official last week - he's going to be a Badger.

For Pitt, this is really disappointing as Clement looked like a strong find. And while having Rushel Shell is nice, two star running backs would be even better - especially with the way injuries can happen at any time. Plus, Clement would be a year younger and, presumably, around for a year after Shell.

With Shell and even Isaac Bennett in the backfield for the next few seasons, the Panthers should be fine. But the Clement loss is clearly a big one.

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