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Pitt center Steven Adams showing improvement

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Freshman center Steven Adams has had some growing pains for sure. He's shown flashes of being a potential star, but has disappeared in several of the Panthers' games this year. When you think about it, he's even been a complete non-factor at times. I mentioned this on Twitter yesterday, but heading into yesterday's game, Adams has scored six points or fewer in 60% of Pitt's games.

But over the team's past three contests, the big man has really taken his game to another level. Now, the competition hasn't been all that great and to overlook that entirely would be foolish. He also still has a ton of work to do and I'm sure he'll have more growing pains as the season goes on. But Adams has definitely been more effective of late and it was worth a look.

So over at SB Nation Pittsburgh, I broke down Adams' recent improvement a bit. Head over and check it out.