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Pitt vs. Delaware State: The weak non-con continues

Mike Stobe

Before Pitt can get into the meat of their schedule, they've got a few more non-conference opponents to get through. Next up - Delaware State on Wednesday.

It's nice to see Pitt rack up win after win - particularly after last season. But with such a light non-conference schedule, I won't shed any tears when it's over. Will be nice to see the team get tested once they reach the Big East.

I'd love to tell you Delaware State should give Pitt a game, but that's probably not going to be the case. The Hornets are 5-6 and in the few times they've faced decent teams, haven't come out on top. They did nearly beat Penn State on the road, though (insert appropriate joke about PSU basketball here), losing by only four in overtime to the Nittany Lions.

If nothing else, Delaware State should be ready for their conference schedule. The program loaded up a bit with a fairly tough non-con portion with games against major-conference programs Pitt, Maryland, Northwestern, Arkansas, and Penn State. But I just don't see much of a game in this one.

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