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The Morning After: Weekly Pitt Link Dump / I Can't Wait To Play In The NBA (Shan Foster)

Shan Foster: NBA Draft Song (via ilananunn)

This week's song is actually a song about the NBA Draft, but it's draft related, so let's go with it. This is former NBA Draft pick Shan Foster singing about playing in the NBA. If you've never seen this video, take two minutes out of your day to absorb the pure cheesiness. I love the message and I'm willing to bet he can sing better than 95% of the players in the league. But, seriously - an NBA player that's 6'6" doesn't really work with a miniature-sized Casio keyboard.

I'm not sayin', just sayin'.

This week's Pitt links that we didn't get to this week after the jump.

Ryan Turnley is fitting in on the offensive line

Joe Felitsky, a backup quarterback for Pitt in the 1980s, passed away last week at the young age of 47

Losing the AQ status will make it harder for the Big East

The Pitt News had a good article on walk-on basketball players Nick Rivers and Brianna Brizzi

Big East Coast Bias has posts on each of the conference's picks in the NFL Draft

CBS Sports has a spring recap for Pitt's football team

Pitt will have a retooled defensive line in 2012

Paul Chryst is still learning about his new team

A local kid who was part of Duquesne's discontinued baseball program is playing well for Pitt ...

And another Pitt baseball player is having success this year as one of the team's few seniors

Andrea Adelson looks at Big East quarterback battles

The Track and Field team participated in the Penn Relays last week

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