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Ashton Gibbs Interview And Workout Footage

Ashton Gibbs' jump shot can only carry him so far (Photo by Mitchell LaytonGetty Images)
Ashton Gibbs' jump shot can only carry him so far (Photo by Mitchell LaytonGetty Images)
Getty Images

I've still got my doubts about Ashton Gibbs' chances of being selected in the NBA Draft. One site thinks he can be a second-round steal, though, and also has an interview and some footage from a recent workout.

Hoops World spent some time with him in a Las Vegas workout and is pretty high on him:

PITT"S Ashton Gibbs did not get an invite to the 2012 NBA Draft Combine in Chicago and after spending a few days with him in Las Vegas, it’s impossible to understand why.

Gibbs is an NBA guard, and when you watch him shoot the ball, he is downright impressive. An NBA team is going to get a steal in Gibbs in the second round, and he’s likely one of the guys that makes scouts and executives look silly as a break out rookie.

They also have a video interview and footage from his workout.

This is no knock on Gibbs, but unless you're a player who simply doesn't miss, it's difficult to break into the league solely as a shooter. That's the reason Gibbs was told to work on his point guard skills. He's undersized for a shooting guard and really will need to convince teams he can do more than simply shoot.

Mock drafts aren't everything, but I've searched high and low for one that includes Gibbs and haven't found one yet. Predicting second-round picks is significantly more difficult than calling the first round, so Gibbs' exclusion doesn't mean he has no chance to be drafted. But it doesn't bode well that Gibbs isn't showing up on even one.

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