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Pitt's Offense As Bad Individually In 2011 As It Was Collectively

Hubie Graham was one of the few players who did anything last year offensively (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Hubie Graham was one of the few players who did anything last year offensively (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Orlando Sentinel continues our look at college football predictions as they rate the Panthers as the 53rd ranked team. All in all, it was a pretty standard team preview, but one thing did stick out at me - just how inept Pitt's offense really was under Todd Graham last year.

When I read the preview, this was the thing that really stuck out to me:

Running back Ray Graham was the sole player who truly thrived in Graham’s spread attack.

I gave that another thought and while it was something we knew, I suppose, it wasn't something I gave much thought.

I don't think most of us expected Pitt's offense to take off immediately under Graham. We knew there would be hiccups, but not only did Pitt struggle to score points, there wasn't even any real individual success other than Ray Graham. The wide receivers didn't play well, the offensive line floundered, and we know how Tino Sunseri fared.

If you're looking for any other player that had any real success, you'd probably have to go down to tight end, Hubie Graham. Even there (28 catches for 325 yards), the success was brutally modest.

Devin Street had 750 receiving yards, which is fine. But in the big scheme of things, where Graham's offenses had produced 1,000-yard receivers, Street didn't have a huge year. And when you factor in his two touchdowns on the season ... well, yeah.

Crushing Todd Graham for leaving is, frankly, getting a bit old. But looking back at how his team fared last year is still fair game and frankly, it stunk. It's not only that Pitt's offense was so bad, but it's the fact that Graham was supposed to make it so much better.

It's easy to look at Pitt's scoring in each game and deduce how bad the squad was offensively, but a closer look shows that hardly anyone had a season to remember individually.

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