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EA Sports NCAA Football 13 Screenshots Of Pitt Panthers

Pitt screenshot for EA Sports' NCAA Football '13
Pitt screenshot for EA Sports' NCAA Football '13

I'm not a huge video game guy - getting old does that to you, I guess. But I do still play some when I get the chance - particularly the college football and basketball ones. I've never seen Pitt hoist a national championship in either sport yet, but it's happened plenty of times on my big screen.

EA Sports' PR guys recently sent along some screenshots of the new NCAA Football 13 video game. Particularly, I've got some of Pitt players.

One is shown in the post header, but you can check out a few more after the jump.

The game launches on July 10th, so be sure to look for it. As always, there are lots of new features with the release. But in the meantime, here you go:



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