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Meet Bryan H. From Pitt Script

Roc is cool without the script - you should be, too (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Roc is cool without the script - you should be, too (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Today we've got the final installment of our introductions of the new bloggers to Cardiac Hill. Batting is Bryan H., the creator of Pitt Script.

Like the other two guys we've profiled this week (along with our current writers, of course), Bryan's an extremely talented guy. Check out his answers to my questions below.

What are your ties to Pitt?

Here's my dirty little secret - I didn't go to Pitt. As a lifelong Pittsburgher, I chose to go out of the area for college. Not to mention Pitt didn't offer my desired major. But because my college didn't have major sports, I retained my love for Pitt football and I grew to love Pitt basketball while Jamie Dixon went on a tear of Big East championship games.

Since returning to Pittsburgh, however, I feel that we've earned our keep by spending the equivalent of four years of tuition on football/basketball tickets season tickets, road-trips and merchandise. Plus, I'm marrying an alumni for the sole purpose of boosting the Pitt cred at our tailgate.

What was the motivating factor behind starting PittScript?

When I started the Pitt Script Blog, I was a recent graduate working only part-time and looking for something free to fill a lot of time. As a big Pitt fan, my mornings consisted of consuming the daily Pitt articles from the papers, message boards and blogs. So that was about 30 minutes down, only 17.5 waking hours to go! Back then, Pitt Blather was the only regular posting Pitt blog so I made a Wordpress account and started my own.

I also found it rewarding in a dorky sort of way that I was contributing something to growth of the program, however small my efforts may be. Building a bigger and deeper fanbase for Pitt athletics - particularly football - needs to be a huge priority for the athletic department, fans and even the university as a whole as the divide between the haves and have-nots grows.

Do you think we'll ever see the script come back permanently?

Nope. No chance. And I'm fine with that. Changing it was a hugely controversial decision and bringing it back full-time would be the admission that changing was a mistake. And that's not even considering the huge costs of changing the colors around campus and in the facilities.

I've always been ambivalent on the Script. The tagline for the Pitt Script Blog was "Discussions on Pitt Stadium, Logos, Uniforms and Other Topics Currently Irrelevant to Pitt Athletics." I just want them to pick the colors/logo and stick with it. Just no "Pittsburgh." Those were the worst. I actually like the current Pitt branding, although I do have to say that I'd prefer to phase out the Panther logo and replace the secondary logo with "P" Pitt baseball uses.

Favorite/Worst moment as a Pitt fan?

Well, as someone who made the trek to Charlotte on Christmas night to see Pitt in the Car Care Bowl the day after Christmas, I'd say that. Being at a bowl win, no matter how contrived the bowl, is a pretty fun experience. When Wannstedt lifted the trophy, I forgot for a moment that I had just watched the third place Big East team beat the fourth place ACC team. I almost bought a shirt before I realized that once my high wore off, I'd have a "Meineke Car Care Bowl Champions" car washing rag.

Worst is really a tough one. Losing to Cincinnati is up there, especially since we had decided on going to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl is they made it. I was also present in Madison Square Garden for the Kemba Walker dagger, although I had the knowledge that Pitt was likely still a one-seed in the NCAAs to console me.

But the absolute worst is Pitt's Elite Eight loss to Villanova. It was easily the most painful to watch because that Pitt team was such a culmination Dixon Era - a team led by a gritty point guard, a five year project and local player - that in my mind would have one the national championship if they had just stopped Scottie Reynold's last drive.

What do you hope to bring to Cardiac Hill?

I'm beyond excited about this move. Besides the huge opportunities that SBN offers, I'm excited to join a site with a growing online "community." I'm interested in writing some longer-form posts, which the daily grind of news posts really detracts from. One day I just realized that it was silly for us all to write essentially the same post on different sites. By combining our efforts, I really expect us to put out some higher quality content for our readers.

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