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Hail To Links! The "All About The 2012 Panthers" Edition


I know, we've been talking about the ACC quite a bit lately on this blog. And why not? The future appears bright and we would rather forget the events of the last couple seasons.

But today is different. Today is the unofficial starting event of 2012-2013 athletics calendar, the BIG EAST football media day in Providence, RI, which you can stream live here. So today, our links are all about Pitt, the media day, and the conference itself. Enjoy.

Lobster? No thanks. I'm more of a Maryland blue crab guy. As is tradition at the BIG EAST media days, the players attending compete in a lobster eating contest, where Pitt failed miserably.

The Pitt Athletic Department has relocated to the Pete's basement. As we mentioned yesterday, the Athletic Department now has their own blog. Update your bookmarks accordingly.

What also floats on water? The obvious answer (well besides very small rocks) is a duck. But Pitt and Syracuse are anything but lame ducks this season. Also things Pitt is not this season...bread, apples, cider, gravy, cherries, mud, a church, and lead.

One of the last remaining players from the "13-9" team. Chris Jacobson, entering his sixth season, is one of ten players to earn degrees with eligibility remaining.

There is great diversity in the BIG EAST. The sky is also blue. Paul Zeise takes a look at the ever increasing diversity among the members of the BIG EAST and the challenges the conference will face.

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