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DeJuan Blair On Spurs' Trading Block?


Last year's playoffs weren't all that memorable for former Pitt star DeJuan Blair after playing only sparingly. He recently spoke about that, and also sounds like he might be preparing to leave the Spurs.

Blair even went so far as to say the Spurs have him on the trading block.

Blair's been careful not to bash the Spurs for not giving him playing time in the postseason this year, but you can tell he'd rather be on the court instead of riding the bench:

"It's tough, not even playing," he said. "I kept my teammates into it, kept them going. Once I got my time, I used the best of my minutes. ... Last year was last year, just like the year before was the year before.

"It's all the same thing. I'm working really hard to not have the issues at the end of the year, keep my body right, get my shot and just be a pro."

As the article points out, Blair could be on his way out with the Spurs having secured Boris Diaw. Diaw's a bit more versatile and, at only 30, still should have several more good seasons left.

Blair seems as if he's readying himself for an exit and even dropped this news:

"Hopefully, I stay a Spur, but if it doesn't happen, life moves on," Blair said. "They've got me on the trade market and they'll do the best to get me in the greatest situation possible."
You rarely hear players talk about themselves being placed on the trading block by other teams and this makes me think this isn't mere speculation on his part.

Blair would look good on any number of teams and it was puzzling why his minutes were cut so drastically in the playoffs this year. He'll get his shot and the odds are that he'll make an impact on another team.
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