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Hail To Links! The "Craig James Is Jobless" Edition


This time of year, teams across the country are preparing their depth charts for the upcoming season. In Cleveland, the Browns named a 28 year old rookie to be their starting QB, just one week into camp. But the Browns are not alone in declaring such moves.

So today we will take a look at ESPN's broadcast booth depth chart, how Pitt added depth in the ticket office, the lack of depth in the bowl system, and more...after the jump.

Let's play musical broadcast booths...when the music stops, Craig James is out. ESPN announced their new lineup of play-by-play, color analysts, and sideline reporters for the upcoming season.

Cornering the secondary market. It was announced today that Pitt and Maryland have partnered with Stubhub and Paciolan, making them "the official fan-to-fan ticket marketplace of both schools' athletic departments." This will allow fans to make last-minute purchases of e-tickets. Hopefully this also means that tickets will never have a coach's crotch prominently displayed on them again.

That's so Pitt. SB Nation Pittsburgh had their 2012 preview posted this morning, and they offer up some great advice for Pitt fans...chill bro.

My bowl of Rice Krispies would be more exciting. Considering that 4 additional spots in post season bowl games will be created with a new playoff, the lower tiered bowls could really badly.

What do you get when you cross a visor and an old man floppy hat? Steve Spurrier's own line of head gear. Ouch.

The exaggeration of Todd Graham's resume would make George O'Leary blush. Arizona State released a statement yesterday stating that Todd Graham was responsible for the great turnarounds that occurred at Tulsa and West Virginia. He may even be taking responsibility for the US Women's National Team's victory yesterday over Canada. Fiction like this solidifies his place as the new Supreme Leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

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