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Comparing Pitt's recruiting class to the rest of the ACC.

How does Paul Chryst's recruiting efforts stack up with the rest of the ACC?

Pitt will be moving to the ACC next Fall as you may have heard. The football there is considered to be better than that of the Big East. Paul Chryst and his staff clearly need more talent pumped into the system, so how did they fare for their first ACC recruiting venture? We can take a look at it currently, but be mindful Pitt can still add up to three more players for this class.

ESPN currently ranks Pitt's class as the 39th best in the country. That ranking would put Pitt at seventh best in the league, roughly right in the middle of the pack. gives Pitt a little more credit with a 23rd best ranking. That number would set Pitt as the third best in the ACC. Rivals gives Pitt the number 30 overall, with sixth in the ACC. Finally, 24/7 sees Pitt as the 26th overall, and sixth best.

The rankings put out from scouting services are obviously full of different opinions. Still, we can gather that Paul Chryst's recruiting effort is among the top half of the ACC, and regarded as one of the top 30 best nationally. Obviously adding a few more guys could boost Pitt even further. Pitt addressed needs in some key spots and while some of those players may not have lots of stars next to their names, they add some depth where it was needed.

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