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Look for a Cam Wright sighting ... soon

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

A while back, someone asked me on Twitter where Cam Wright was. To be honest, I hadn't even noticed his absence until the question was broached again. But in case you've not been paying attention, Cam's been MIA for the most part the last few games.

He logged only one minute against Villanova, four against UConn, and was a miserable DNPCD in the win over Providence earlier this week. That's five minutes for a player who averages about 15 per game.

So what gives? The Post-Gazette's Ray Fittipaldo says he's just had other players in front of him thriving. With the emergence of Trey Zeigler, that makes perfectly good sense. But in Fittipaldo's piece, Dixon also says Wright will be playing again soon - like 'this weekend against DePaul' soon, according to Fittipaldo:

Pitt coach Jamie Dixon said that’s going to change Saturday afternoon when DePaul visits the Petersen Events Center for a Big East contest.

“We want to get back to our 10-man rotation,” Dixon said. “[Wright] needs to be in there. He makes us better. We need more rebounding and defense out of him. That will make us a better team. We didn’t use that to our benefit on Tuesday [at Providence].”

Now, I'm all for Wright playing at least a few minutes. But with Woodall, Robinson, and Zeigler all playing pretty well, I wouldn't cut any of their minutes too much. And the fact is that if Pitt is going to be the type of team they want to be this year, they'll need Zeigler. He's playing well right now so I'd be hesitant to cut his minutes.

But point taken on Wright getting in there, I suppose. There's going to be a time when Pitt's guards get in foul trouble and an injury can strike at any time. And if that happens and Wright is needed, I wouldn't feel all that comfortable with him in games if he's been riding the bench.

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