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To storm or not to storm - is court storming okay?


So with Miami's blowout win over Duke this past week, the age old question came back into play: Is it okay to storm the court?

In a nutshell - sometimes.

Tray Woodall spoke about the topic this week and said the Oakland Zoo should never storm the court. Gotta say I totally agree with that. As Woodall says, Pitt has come too far as a program and it would really be kind of foolish to do so at this point.

I get that they haven't won a national championship or even been to a Final Four in the Jamie Dixon era, but the Panthers have just had too much success. The team has been ranked for a large part of the past decade and had a few stints at No. 1. There's just really no point.

But, I'll say this - I've got no problem with programs that haven't accomplished as much doing it. It's a special time and if you feel like celebrating, go for it. That's not spoken out of any kind of arrogance since the football and basketball programs weren't all that great when I was a student. Okay, they were horrible. Heck, I remember people going onto the field after a win over a mediocre Boston College where it was such a miserably cold night that there couldn't have been more than 30,000 people there. Then there was the Thursday night win against Miami in the late 90s when it was borderline mayhem.

Pitt had a strong history as a football program, but had done nothing of any consequence in many years. It was perfectly fine to act like hoodlums then. And on the basketball side, before Khalid El-Amin spoiled what would been an upset of No. 1 UConn, had Pitt won that game, by all means, they should have partied like it was 1999 - which it actually almost was.

Court storming is fine in the right context. And in that case, it shouldn't be happening at Pitt.

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