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Cardiac Hill Big East Basketball Power Rankings (1/29)

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Okay, so I wanted to wait until after the Pitt-Louisville game to get to the new rankings. So what that said, here are this week's standings as I see them as well as some explanations for my convoluted mess.

1. Syracuse

2. Marquette - Just lost to Cincinnati but it was only a two-point overtime loss on the road. That's their sole conference defeat, while the Bearcats have three.

3. Cincinnati

4. Georgetown - Georgetown up at No. 4 might look a bit out of place. But the Hoyas are fresh off of wins against Notre Dame and Louisville. Despite being routed by Pitt, those are more impressive than Pitt's wins to date and Georgetown has won four of their past five games.

5. Louisville

6. Pitt - They hold steady here at No. 6 despite the Louisville loss. Won four out of past five and still on a solid roll with only five losses. They don't belong in the top five, but may be the best of the rest.

7. UConn

8. Notre Dame - Fading fast as they've lost three of their past five games.

9. Villanova - Just beat Louisville and Syracuse, but can't ignore loss to Providence or their seven total defeats on the season.

10. St. John's - 5-3 in conference, but recent string of wins against DePaul, Rutgers, and Seton Hall. Beat Cincinnati and Notre Dame, but lost to Rutgers, Villanova, and UNC-Asheville. Also have seven losses already - the non-con counts.

11. Rutgers

12. Seton Hall

13. Providence

14. South Florida

15. DePaul - They beat Providence and their 10-9 record is better than the Friars' 10-10 one. But they've lost four in a row while Providence has won two of their past five and has one more conference win (Yes, I am legitimately trying to argue DePaul vs. Providence).

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