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Tyler Boyd could visit Tennessee according to ESPN's Jared Shanker


According to ESPN's recruiting guru Jared Shanker (and a hat tip to reader Shady9 for pointing it out in our other Boyd post), there could be another player in the Tyler Boyd sweepstakes. After Boyd visited West Virginia recently, his commitment to Pitt got a little shaky. But now, it seems that Tennessee is in the mix for a visit, too:

And you get a visit, and you get a visit, and ...

Since Boyd has reopened his recruiting, it actually makes sense for him to explore all of his options. As a Pitt fan, obviously I'm not personally thrilled with it, but hey - I get it.

The problem for Pitt is that it's now just another school they have to contend with. The Vols are one of about 20 schools that have offered him, so it will be interesting to see if he decides to look anywhere else, either. Boyd could still end up a Panther, but at this stage, it's really anybody's guess as to where he signs. As I said before, signing day should be a bit of a fiasco.

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