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College Football Bowl Projections: It's not Birmingham! Pitt to play Bowling Green in Little Caesars Bowl

Mark A. Cunningham

It's not Birmingham! Yeah, you can go ahead and cue that phrase which will surely be uttered time after time over the next day or two by pretty much everybody you know.

So, Pitt appears headed to the Little Caesars Bowl to play Bowling Green. Nothing's confirmed yet, apparently, but Brett McMurphy says so, so hey, we're going with it.

Not ideal and obviously not a great destination spot. Closer, maybe, than it could have been, but also in Detroit so yeah, it'll be freezing. A similar bowl in Florida would certainly have been preferred, but beggars can't be choosers, folks. If Pitt decides to go ahead and beat Navy or not fall woefully behind North Carolina before actually deciding to show up, things would be different.

Day after Christmas, cold weather city, MAC team - count me in!

Either way, a bowl is a bowl and playing sure beats the alternative. The idea that Pitt could have been left out entirely was kicked around, so I won't be complaining.