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National Signing Day: Tyler Boyd to decide on school tomorrow according to coach

The Tyler Boyd saga is apparently nearing its end.

With National Signing Day on Wednesday, I had my doubts about prized wide receiver Tyler Boyd making a decision at that time. After all, recruits don't always sign with a school that day and Boyd could drag this thing out. But his high school coach says that won't happen. Even though the coach doesn't know where Boyd will end up, he says that the receiver will making a selection that day.

And in case you were wondering, Boyd is still pretty confused - per the PG's Mike White:

Clairton coach Tom Nola said Tyler Boyd will definitely sign with a college tomorrow. But apparently not even Boyd knows who college he will choose.


"I only talked to him briefly, but he's just very confused right now," Nola said. "Everything is still pretty much up in the air."

Going on those additional visits to West Virginia and then Tennessee, unsurprisingly, only added to the confusion. Those schools surely pulled out all the stops for him and he left impressed.

Okay, so by now you're hoping for any sliver of hope...anything to hang on to. Well, the Trib's Jerry DiPaola has an interesting nugget via Twitter:

What's that mean? Beats me. He could just be going to show his support for them. Could it mean that he'll be faxing his commitment to Pitt along with them? I'd like to think that, but to say that with absolute certainty is a bit of a reach.

Either way, at least it sounds as if we'll know where he's headed tomorrow.

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