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Jamie Dixon to USC rumors ... again - Ready, Set, Go!


So back in January when USC fired Kevin O'Neill, we warned you to cue the Jamie Dixon rumors. Dixon came out and offered his standard comment, which generally amounts to a 'no comment.' There hadn't been much after that, but since we're in mid-season, that's not a huge surprise. But in case you've missed it, the Dixon to USC chatter is starting.


The Big Lead said today that Dixon is the top target by a search firm. This fish wrap says essentially the same thing - that he's the top target. Last week, a sportswriter said he believes USC will hire Dixon in a radio interview. That writer also says here that Dixon is the frontrunner. Even USC's student paper gets in on the act and briefly theorizes that Dixon would have some interest in the job. Well, alright then.

And if that weren't enough, you can then, of course, cue the speculation on who would replace Dixon. Only Doug Gottlieb has apparently beaten you to it. This site says he's already thrown out some names.

No sense in getting bent out of shape about this right now. Nothing's going to happen just yet and I can't imagine that Dixon, who's not been known to go out and do stupid things, would try to interview in the middle of a season. We're a ways off from hearing any more news on this and as we've been over before, Dixon has stayed put every time he's been chased.

My position always has been that I'm not sure what exactly makes USC such a desirable job. Other than a sweet location, I just don't see it. UCLA? Now that would make much more sense to me. There's the issue of having to replace his mentor Ben Howland (and given the fact that they didn't even want to play each other, I could see how it would be a stumblingblock), but it would make more sense to me.

But I just won't believe it until it actually happens.

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