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2013 Pitt Football Spring Practices: The Roundup

We'll see how regular these updates come, but I'll be checking in every few days or so with various spring updates. In addition to the position updates Jim is doing as well as any big news that breaks, we should have you well covered here.

So spring ball is here. Like I said earlier, it doesn't mean football is right around the corner, but ... well, it's practice, anyway.

In case you hadn't heard yet, Pitt issued an injury list update yesterday. The biggest news may be that the Panthers are missing two of their quarterbacks - Trey Anderson and Tra'Von Chapman. Anderson is sick (according to his Twitter account, he's got mono) and Chapman has some sort of groin injury. Those two guys have been deemed out as of this week. What's it mean? Not much in the grand scheme of things. Chapman already seemed to declare himself a long shot to compete for the job this year and Anderson is by most accounts, a big underdog. So that means all of the work will go to Tom Savage and Chad Voytik this week. And as I wrote about earlier, there's no decision to name a starter this spring.

Other injury news is as follows:

Brendon Felder (foot), Shane Gordon (neck), Jason Hendricks (toe), and Brandon Ifill (knee) are all out indefinitely. There are some guys that will play there, but since we're so far away from training camp, not much to get too concerned about here unless we hear that one of these guys has a major injury. Ifill being out hurts a bit since Pitt has a new quarterback and he is a receiver that could play a role this year. He'll be missing out on the chance for some much-needed chemistry with Savage/Voytik.

In addition to Chapman and Anderson, Devin Cook (foot) and Pat Quirin (sick) will be out this week as well. Quirin is a long-snapper (for now, anyway), so that's another area where some reps will be lost.

There are also some position changes. Most notably, perhaps, Matt Rotheram and Cory King will both move from tackle to guard. So what's that mean? Probably that Juantez Hollins, who was suspended last season, will get a chance to start again. It also opens the door for Adam Bisnowaty to potentially start at tackle. As I said in my list of some guys to watch, I put Bisnowaty front and center. I really think he's got a great chance to start. There's also TJ Clemmings to consider, but coming off a position switch means he could be a little while away. In his recap, Sam Werner of the Post-Gazette mentioned that Clemmings started with the first team on Tuesday, but we'll see if he can hold off Hollins, who has to work his way back a bit.

Lots of happenings, but we'll know more as things progress this spring.

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