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Mark Myers Leaves The Program; Juantez Hollins Suspended For The Year


Quarterback Mark Myers, who had a chance to be Tino Sunseri’s backup this season, is leaving the Pitt football team and hopes to transfer to a Division III school.

Myers’ departure leaves Pitt with three quarterbacks, including freshman Chad Voytik and sophomore Trey Anderson.

And then this from Pitt:

Chryst has suspended junior offensive lineman Juantez Hollins for the 2012 season due to violation of team policy. Hollins (Aliquippa, Pa./Aliquippa) played in 13 games last year, starting seven.

“Even though he will not play in any games, Juantez will remain an active and valuable member of our program and be accountable every day in practice and in the classroom,” Chryst said.

Additionally, incoming freshman receiver Chris Davis will be suspended for the first week of preseason training camp for disciplinary reasons. The Panthers open camp on Aug. 6 and Davis (Austintown, Ohio/Austintown Fitch) will be permitted to join the team on Aug. 12.

Reaction after the jump.

If you had to pick two positions that Pitt couldn't afford to lose depth, it would be quarterback and offensive line, particularly at tackle. Of course, that's the two positions Pitt suffered losses at this afternoon.

Mark Myers leaving the program is a bit of a shock, since he's only a redshirt sophomore and would almost certainly be in the mix to replace Sunseri after the season, not to mention if anything happened to Sunseri this season. Questions have been raised about his work ethic in the past, and perhaps this transfer isn't necessary of his own doing. That's 100% speculation, but I think it's reasonable given his history.

Either way, it's a huge blow to a position that now consists of Tino Sunseri, Trey Anderson and Chad Voytik. A redshirt for Voytik would have been nice, but that seems to be unrealistic at this point. If Sunseri goes down, who gets the call? And if that person goes down? Ugh.

Juantez Hollins is gone in my opinion. No one gets suspended for the season and sticks around. Particularly if it's for "a violation of team rules." Must've been one hell of a rule to suspend the incumbent starter at a position of dire need. I just don't see how anyone gets suspended for an entire season and sticks around. Yes, Hollins was underwhelming last season, but tackles aren't exactly plentiful on this roster. Even if Hollins lost his starting job in camp, losing him for an entire season is a big, big blow.

And Chris Davis? Eh. Whatever it is, it clearly isn't major. I can chalk up a short training camp suspension to being away from home for the first time. Although getting in trouble before his freshman year camp even starts isn't a fantastic sign.

Updates coming as they develop.....

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