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Pitt Script: It's Back!

Justin K. Aller

It's back!

And with that, everyone's favorite logo has returned. No more block text, no more cartoon Panther head - for Pitt fans, it's only the script from here on out. A university administrator with no particular ties to the athletic department, speaking under the condition of anonymity, confirmed that the official announcement would come later this spring ... or shortly thereafter.

After athletic director Steve Pederson was unceremoniously dismissed, Pitt's administration quickly decided to bring back the script in an act of solidarity. So enamored with their new logo, it was announced the script would not only again appear on uniforms of athletes, but also a number of landmarks around campus including the Cathedral of Learning, Hillman Library, Heinz Chapel, and even the ridiculously weird looking log cabin.

And just to make sure everyone knows the script is back, Pitt plans on taking things a step further by insisting local schools Duquesne, Robert Morris, and Point Park adopt the script for at least two of their home games. In a somewhat surprising move, however, the Steelers refused Pitt's request of adopting the logo for a game against the Browns, citing something about having an actual brand to maintain. Fools.

Ironically enough, though, the script jerseys won't be used in every game. In a move meant to pacify former athletic director Steve Pederson on his way out as well the younger fan base turned off by the moderately archaic logo, the Panthers will wear jerseys featuring the block logo in a throwback game against Florida State.

Get your popcorn ready.

Check your calendar. That is all.