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1st Cardiac Hill Bracket Challenge Ends ... Mercifully


Should have gotten to this earlier, but a huge thanks to everyone who signed up for our first ever bracket challenge on Yahoo. Getting 77 entries on short notice and in our first year wasn't too bad in my opinion.

A big congrats goes out to Revis Island who took home first place beating out An Eight Seed!? Props to Revis Island for not only picking Louisville as the champ, but for correctly picking the title game of Louisville vs. Michigan. He/she also nailed six of the Elite Eight teams.

As for me, I came in at a disappointing, but respectable 21st. Funny thing is that in my work pool with more entries, I actually finished several spots higher. Go figure. At any rate, my fate was virtually sealed when one of my Final Four teams, Georgetown, was bounced in the first round.

Thanks to all who joined and let's do this again next year.

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