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Pitt's NFL Draft drought should end in 2014

Justin K. Aller

For the past two years, Pitt hasn't produced an NFL Draft pick. That's a bit rare for a program that has churned out so much NFL talent over the years. But that drought should end in 2014.

We're a year away, but at this point, the Panthers' two favorites to be drafted are likely seniors Aaron Donald and Devin Street. Both evaluated their options and thought about leaving after this season, but decided to return. Each has had a good career at Pitt and could be a solid pro. Donald consistently draws double teams and Street could wind up with 2,000 receiving yards over his final two years with a good 2013 season.

Where will they end up? That's anybody's guess. I don't think either will be a first-rounder as a Fox Sports site said Street would be in the 2013 draft since they had him leaving early. But if the Panthers are able to add the deep ball that Street says they have been working on, that will help his stock as well.

When it comes to off-field stuff, Street's part in the alleged assault case from last year won't help his cause. But it also won't keep him from being taken by a team that is high on his ability.

Two other guys that could get looks as late-round picks would be K'Waun Williams and Jason Hendricks. I'd lean towards the undrafted rookie free agent route with both, but with big senior years, you never know.

Either way, I expect the Panthers will have at least one player selected in the 2014 NFL Draft.

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