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Offensive tackle Michael Grimm commits to Pitt


Well, open the floodgates or something. After a slow start in recruiting, it's been a busy last few days. First, there was safety Jalen Williams. Yesterday, Pitt picked up quarterback Adam Bertke and athlete Dennis Briggs.

Today? Coveted offensive tackle Michael Grimm says he's headed to Pitt, according to the Trib-Review:

"I liked the (recruiting) experience, but I've been thinking about it a lot, but this is home to me," Grimm said. "My mother and father (Nanette and Michael I) are a big part of how I play and how I go about my business.

"Being home will give me a bigger advantage. That's a big thing for me. I like being comfortable.

And, yeah - that spring game in Bethel Park? Grimm said he liked that, too:
"It was an honor for me," Grimm said. "It was just crazy, just seeing them play on the same field I play on every week. I was really happy that they chose our school to play. I really got to see how they are and how they go about things as a team, how they operate."
Don't get carried away here. I've been on the side of being against playing the spring game at local high schools and that still holds true. I'm not positive that it really influenced his decision all that much.

Grimm has legitimate talent and is the program's first big 'get' of the 2014 recruiting season. He's rated as a four-star by Rivals and they place him as the 25th best offensive tackle in the nation. He picked Pitt over other reported offers from West Virginia, Arizona, Wisconsin, and many others.

Pitt's recruiting all of a sudden looks a little brighter. Not sure it will ease the fears of many just yet, but getting Grimm is a big step in the right direction.

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